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Pediatric Office Liquidation -

Item Description
1.Lot 1: Danby Silhouette stainless steel refrigerator. Great condition!!
2.Lot 2: Complete Toshiba office phone system. Includes five phone units and phone system "brain"
3.Lot 3 Set of two Vx510 credit card processing terminals
4.Lot 4 Vx510 credit card processing terminals
5.Lot 5 New in box credit card processing terminal
6.Lot 6 New in box! First data FD50 credit card processing terminal
7.New in box! First data FD50 credit card processing terminal
8.Lot 8 New in box! First data FD50 credit card processing terminal.
9.Lot 9 Shipment of receipt rolls for credit card terminals count unknown.
10.Verifone Tranz 380 time clock. In box!
11.Lot 11 Verifone 380 time clock. In box
12.Lot 12 Verifone Tranz380 time clock
13.Lot 13 New in box phone tree
14.Lot 14 Dell 720 color printer
15.Lot 15 Dell 720 Color printer
16.Lot 16 New in box Dell 720 color printer
17.Lot 17 HP Fax machine
18.Lot 18 Samsung flat screen tv
19.Lot 19 Samsung flat screen tv
20.Lot 20 GE Stainless Steel Microwave
21.Lot 21 Stainless steel KitchenAid toaster oven
22.Lot 22 Tuttnaver 2340 autoclave
23.Lot 23 mixed Hp laser jet toners
24.Lot 24 Mixed lot print toner and ink packages
25.Lot 25 Mixed lot printer cartriges
26.Lot 26 HP Photosmart A433 Portable photo Studio
27.Lot 27 Medical cart with wheels
28.Lot 28 Rolling security cabinet for laptops
29.Lot 29 Examination light covers. Count is unknown
30.Lot 30 Four containers for sharps
31.Lot 31 Paper towel dispensers, Four
32.Lot 32 Examination bed
33.Lot 33 Mixed lot medical supplies, Thermometer
34.Lot 34 Soap dispensers new in box
35.Lot 35, 1 pocket chart holders and one multiple pocket holder.
36.Lot 36 Medical examination bed
37.Lot 37 Pediatric medical table with drawers.
38.Lot 38 Pediatric medical table with drawers.
39.Lot 39 Pediatric medical table with drawers.
40.Lot 40 Medical examination table
41.Lot 41 Medical examination table
42.Lot 42 Medical examination table
43.Wood glider rocking chair
44.Lot 44 Wood glider rocking chair
45.Lot 45 Wood glider rocking chair
46.Lot 46 Wood glider rocking chair
47.Lot 47 Tan and metal chairs
48.Lot 48 Cloth and metal chairs
49.Lot 49 Leather and wood chairs
50.Lot 50 Matching rolling stools
51.Lot 51 Rolling stools 4 count
52.Lot 52 Computer chairs 3 count
53.Lot 53 Cabinetry
54.Lot 54 Built in desk with drawers and cabinetry
55.Lot 55 Cabinet/ Vanity Sink ensemble
56.Lot 56 Cabinet/ Vanity Sink ensemble
57.Lot 57 Cabinet/ Vanity Sink ensemble
58.Lot 58 Lower cabinet ensemble
59.Lot 59 Cabinet/ Vanity sink ensemble
60.Lot 60 Lower cabinets with drawers
61.Lot 61 Upper cabinets, lockable
62.Lot 62 Lower drawers
63.Lot 63 Upper cabinets
64.Lot 64 Lower cabinets and drawers
65.Lot 65 Upper cabinets
66.Lot 66 Shelving
67.Lot 67 Solid Oak door
68.Lot 68 Solid Oak door
69.Lot 69 Solid Oak door
70.Lot 70 Solid Oak door
71.Lot 71 Solid Oak door
72.Lot 72 Solid Oak door
73.Lot 73 Solid Oak door
74.Lot 74 Solid Oak door
75.Lot 75 Solid Oak door
76.Lot 76 Vanity sink ensemble
77.Lot 77 Oak bookshelf
78.Lot 78 Premier two-drawer metal filing cabinet
79.Lot 79 Premier two-drawer metal filing cabinet
80.Lot 80, Craftsman four cycle snowblower. Electric start Serial number 615001189
81.Lot 81, Flat screen fish tank 47" long 17" tall 4" wide


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